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DOLLAR STORE SHAMPOO - World Premier in Albuquerque, New Mexico - 2014

There’s Nice Guy Steve and there’s Jerk Face Steve. Anna likes one while Debbie likes the other. Anna washes her hair with dollar store shampoo. Gross.

Dollar Store Shampoo stars Harrison Sim and Diana Delgado. This comedy is directed by Drew Morrison, and was written by Aaron Hendren. Dollar Store Shampoo is a surreal and light look at love, ice cream, and tape – a lot of tape.

$9.00 admission.

Psycho Bettys From Planet Pussycat is available for you to download for free. Right click, save as - all '90s style. This file is 2.25 GB. If you like the movie, please buy the soundtrack from iTunes. If your media player sucks, download VLC Player for free.

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